Finn Porter

Key Skills

  • .NET MVC / C#
  • As a developer working for Bad Dinosaur, I have gathered substantial knowledge about creating market-ready web apps with .NET MVC, C#, Razor and jQuery. I have worked on a plethora of projects, most recently on Youk,a web app with an environmental focus, that promotes products and brands that are designed and made in the UK.

  • Ruby
  • As part of my CodeClan course, I used Ruby for about 5 weeks, two of which were used to introduce frameworks like Sinatra and Rails.

  • Java
  • During the second part of the development course at Codeclan we worked with Java for 3 weeks.

About Me

With the help of CodeClan, Scotland's leading programming academy, I have turned myself from an organisational and admin person into a programmer. I'm available for hire if you're interested in working with a motivated, hard-working individual with a life-long interest in learning, I'd be happy to hear from you!

I studied political science and social anthropology and have had a varied career in an odd assortment of fields and industries. Most recently, I helped run a co-working space in Vienna before moving to Edinburgh in November 2016. I also mentored a handful of tech startups, supporting them with productivity and organisational guidance. I'm a lifelong polymath with a broad field of interests ranging from technology to music to playing basketball (despite my height challenge).